Screenshots for Draft Lotto Tool

1) This is the main League management page. Regardless of which membership you purchase (1 yr, 3yr or lifetime) you can always have as many leagues setup as you wish as long as the membership is active. Use it as many times as you want.

2) This is the Team management screen for a specific league. Note how you can enter as many teams as you wish along with each GM's email address, the results of the lotto will be emailed to everyone in the league. Here you can also setup the weightings (how many lotto 'tickets') each team gets. You can also activate/deactivate each team from the lotto as you wish. This makes it very flexible for keeper/dynasty leagues where you have the same GMs every year but different teams qualifying for the lotto and/or different weightings depending on overall finish. You can also CC any additional email addresses on the results.

3) Results screen - The results display immediately and are emailed to all league members.

4)Email results - show both the order and the weighting for each team.

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