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Welcome to the fantasy tools section, its extremely sparse at the moment since I haven't gotten around to adding much yet or completing the half-finished pieces I have started but in time I should have a decent suite of tools available. I'm asking for a small fee for some of these tools to help me cover hosting costs, I hope you don't mind chipping in to help me out so I can continue to add new features, but some of them I'll just give away for free. Thanks a lot!

In order to process your purchase you will need an account on Please visit the Login/Register page to sign in (if you already have an account) or to register if you do not, then come back to make your purchase. All purchases are processed securely through Google Wallet so simply click the button next to the item you want to purchase and Google will handle the rest for you.

Free Tools


Tools for Purchase

Draft Lotto Generator - 1 YR
A bargain! You can use this as much as you wish for the next year for as many leagues you choose to set up.
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Draft Lotto Generator - 3 YR
Even more savings. A three year subscription to use in as many leagues as you choose to setup.
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Draft Lotto Generator - Lifetime
Best bang for your buck! A lifetime subscription for all your leagues and drafts. Setup your leagues and teams once and then just tweak them each year to suit your lottery.
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NHL Team Analysis - 1YR
Enter your rosters (both pro and farm) and perform detailed analysis. Also great for minor league eligibility
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